Saturday, August 15, 2015


I've just been reflecting recently on how blessed I've been. It's...whew.

So as a lot of you know, I recently designed a t-shirt and launched a teespring campaign. I wasn't out to make money really. I just wanted to make something dope that I was passionate about, in hopes that others would find it dope too. I initially set my goal at 10, thinking maybe 15-20 people would purchase one, and I would've been perfectly happy with that.
I quickly surpassed that 15-20 within the first hour, and was blown away. By the end of the campaign, I had reached almost 300! I'm so overwhelmed by all of the support I've received with this, and feel SO blessed. People have already started receiving their shirts and are excited, and that makes my heart smile.

This whole year, I've tried my best to be a blessing to others, because I see how I'm being blessed. It's not coincidental. I try to make sure and pass my blessings along to others because it's a struggle for all of us out here. 

I always tell people before we go to God and ask for more, we have to appreciate what we have. This year I've put an extra focus on that, and it's worked. I've been fortunate to meet some awesome new people, buy a new car, pay all of my bills, and receive love and support like never before. Here's to continuing that.

I just want to drop a line on here and give my heartfelt thanks to those who have been in my corner and have always rooted for me. I so appreciate you. 

Be easy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#NaPoWriMo - Eight | 7:30

Eight times. 
Barely charged with the crime. 
I said eight times and he probably won't do time. 
"Pull your pants up!" they said. 
"Get your education!" they said
"Don't mouth off, be respectful."
Respectable negros still end up dead.
I'm not respectable so... 
I was told that I should vote this time around. 
If more blacks got out to vote, things would be different. 
What don't you understand? 
Voting doesn't keep me from 6 feet underground
I'm tired. 
But every time I see my people killed
I get a little wired. 
Instead of being fired? 
These cops continue to fire. 
Don't matter if I run away. 
Apparently my black ass has
Made him feel his life is in danger
Instead of calling it racism and 
White anger
They raise their guns and 
Now I'm falling to my knees. 
Because despite my three degrees,
They still see me as just another nigger. 
I don't know if I'm on my way to praying
Or to just laying here
Another black man's life taken by 
A cops trigger. 
It's getting hard to breathe. 
I don't know if it's the weight of 
being black on my chest or
The exit wounds. 
Am I the next black man 
a cop is sending to his tomb?
My breath is getting shallow. 
I can't breathe. 
I don't see my life flashing before me
I just see the muzzle fla...
This one hurt y'all. 
But I must keep fighting
Even though these bullets keep biting
Away at black skin. 
Why is my melanin
Seen as my sin? 
All I want is to be...

Eight times. 
Barely charged with the crime. 

I said eight times and he probably won't do time.

#NaPoWriMo - Dream Music | 6:30

You're a dream. 
A premonition of a future written in possibility.
I go to sleep and visit you every night
Just to experience you again
And again...
I see you as God intended. 
If only I could make the shape of these words
Match your curves...
Even your walk speaks to me in cursive
And truth be told?
I just wanna read the Diary 
Written by your footsteps. 
Your stride teaches me words
That's haven't been invented yet. 
Your heart sings a song to me
That hasn't been written yet. 
And your voice is a melodic tone
That's off the scale. 
No note compares. 
And every night...
You stride your fine ass back into my dreams
Footsteps writing music that we haven't 
Even began to make. 
I take naps just to peek at
What we could have. 
You're a dream. 
A premonition of a future written in possibility.
A song that hasn't been written yet
For me. 

#NaPoWriMo - #BlackLivesMatter | 5:30

Peaceful melanin. 
Skin weaponized since I'm black. 
My Black Life Matters. 

#NaPoWriMo - Teach Me | 4:30

Teach me
Show me how to kiss you so deeply that 
Gravity reverses and that floating feeing
Becomes real. 
Instruct me on what it takes to make your lips and mine congruent. 
Show me how to love you so deeply I can
Remove your pain through osmosis. 
And I still wouldn't be close enough to you. 
God shines through you
And I just want to bask in it. 
No shadows...
Show me how to take your breath away
So I can breathe for you. 
Depth and you are synonymous. 
And I could spend my life exploring 
And die a happy man knowing
I was your #1 Student. 

#NaPoWriMo - Kiss Me | 3:30

Kiss me so deeply
That I'll know what it's like to
Dine on perfection. 

#NaPoWriMo - Friendship | 2:30

True, real friendship is
Letting them swipe through your pics
Without stopping them